F R E E ' P L A Y G R O U N D (Thai/Burma border)

Wall Painting, +40°c
Front of Sao Kha Honsar primary school ♥
Mae Sot, Thailand/Burma border

This Hmong school is one of the 70 schools that were quickly built up the past few years to welcome the migrant kids from Burma.
There are 4 teachers for about 120 kids and they don't have electricity and neither water. I had the chance to help Playground People to bright up the place: they built an awesome and colourful playground in a record time and I painted the front concrete wall of the school. The kids were so happy...and so am I !
Painting for yourself is a real quest and a hobby sometimes, but sharing it is more meaningful, and when it brings so much smiles, hugs and happiness...it's priceless. I just wish I could speak some burmese so I can catch some words of all the stories they invented while they were staring at the strange stuffs I was painting.
Thanks to them for being indulgent about the result: I had to paint with glycero on a very dry concrete with a tropical sun burning my legs !

The situation on the border is terrible: there are thousands and thousands of refugees with no more family, no more home, no freedom, no work, and no hope for their future. Any help is needed, and especially if you go to Thailand, pass by Mae Sot even for a couple of days and give some of your time or if you can make a donation of clothes/medical care/school supplies/art supplies/money...this would be very helpful (ask directly to baan thai guesthouse: 740 Intharakiri Rd, Mae Sot. T: (055) 531 590).
Many thanks to Playground People for their friendship and for sharing this unforgettable experience with me. If you are a creative and wanna help the non-political & non-religious NGO Playground People now called GoPlay (http://www.goplayproject.org/) to design and build playgrounds from A to Z, you can contact them directly (info@goplayproject.org), and if you want to make a donation, please just click here , they would be more than happy.

This post is dedicated to all the migrant kids from Burma and especially to the kids and teachers of Sao Kha Honsar primary school and my friend Thia...I miss all of you and I will never forget your beautiful smiles.
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