‡ M I N I  B O O K ‡

CANVAS: (detail) "Into the wild" 1m/1m, mixed technics (2011, France)

 (detail) "Tokyo je t'aime" 80cm/80cm, mixed technics (2012, France)

"Saudade de Sham Shui Po" 80cm/80cm, mixed technics (2012, France)

  (detail) "Gringa de Shibuya" 1m/1m, mixed technics (2011, France)

SCREENPRINT: "Boudoir", Monochrom screen print on fine art 150gs paper (2011, Geneva, Switz)

GICLEE PRINT: Giclee print on Hahnemühle fine art rag paper 308gs (2011, France)


2011 wish card by Lunkie (Sao Paulo) from lunkie on Vimeo.
VIDEO: Stop motion drawing on paper/mixed technics (2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

SKETCH: "boudoir 1&2" on paper/ballpoint pen (2011, France)

SKETCH: on paper/ballpoint pen (2011, Brazil)

DRAWING: mixed technics on paper (2009, France)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Bodypainting+ acrylic, charcoal and marker on paper (2009, Tokyo, Japan)

LIVE PAINTING (detail): Neon acrylic, neon spray, ink, acrylic and charcoal on paper (2010, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

LIVE PAINTING (detail): Inks, acrylic, charcoal and glitter glue on paper (2009, Paris, France)

LIVE PAINTING: "L'envol" (detail) Acrylic, inks and charcoal on paper (2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil) 

DRAWING + Street collage "Maiko aux Camelias" (detail): Inks and charcoal on rice paper (2009, Kyôto, Japan)

WALL (detail): Sprays and acrylic (2010, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

WALL (detail): Sprays and acrylic (2007, Paris, France)

WALL: 4m/2m, Acrylic and spray (2008, Japan)

PAINTING: "Garçon un blouson" Acrylic, spray and glitter glue on jeans jacket (2008, Japan)

PAINTING / ARTISTIC DIRECTION / GRAPHIC DESIGN / CD COVER: "Switch, Immi" Background painting on paper, painting on fabric and graphic design (2008, GrandFunk, Tokyo, Japan)

PAINTING: Pencil, inks and acrylic on paper (2008, Tokyo, Japan)

DRAWING / ARTISTIC DIRECTION / CD LEAFLET: "Switch, Immi" Mixed technics on A4 paper (2008, GrandFunk, Tokyo, Japan)

DRAWING / CD COVER: "Rimmix 1&2, Immi" A3 size, Mixed technics on paper (2008, Defstar Records, Tokyo, Japan)

LIVE PAINTING: "Daydream", 3m/2m Acrylic and inks on paper (2007, Tokyo, Japan)

WALL/INTERIOR DESIGN: "O jardim de Claudia", 3m/ 3m Acrylic (2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

WALL: (+ Sweating rabbit): 5m/2m50, Acrylic (2009, Hong Kong)

DRAWING: Charcoal, marker and inks on A3 paper (2010, France)

SKETCH: "untitled" Ballpoint pen on A4 paper (2010, Brazil)

DRAWING: "Wonder, Immi" marker and pen on A3 paper (2009, Sony Music, Tokyo, Japan)

DRAWING: "dreamdreamdream" Marker on A4 paper (2008, Tokyo, Japan)

DRAWING: "Niponie Club" Pen on A3paper (2008, Tokyo, Japan)

DRAWING: Pen, pencils and watercoulour on A4 paper (2006, Paris, France)

DRAWING: Watercoulour and ink on A3 paper (2005, Paris, France)