We all scream for E Y E S C R E A M (new issue) !

eyescream new issue

Yes ! Here is EYESCREAM mag new issue (2009/5) for their 5th year birthday tanjobi omedeto !
For Immi's ITW they're showing my artwork. This mag is a super cool and serious lifestyle/street culture japanese magazine so it's a real pleasure for me.
Unfortunately, as I didn't accept to provide a picture of my face, they decided not to publish what they asked me to talk about (My work for Immi's new album). Not that it was interesting but for those who don't care about "me-myself-and I" picture, this is the little things I had written:

"Immi asked me to represent her throught two bicolour characters standing up. I remembered Madonna's gimmic "strike the pose" in one of her most famous late 80's song and tryied to imagine Immi in front of the mirror of an extrordinary and freaky dressing room. I'm very interested in shy people whose attitude and personnality are suggested throught their style by wearing very unusual, excentric and shocking costumes, like if their suits replaced spoken words. Immi is a dreamy and secret person but she's also a very creative and energic girl on the inside, that's those both side of her personnality I tryied to show"