L I V E P A I N T I N G @ f u t u r e f u t u r e (Tokyo)

so this event happened in the basement of a music studio around honancho shinjuku.
Bands, dj and performers rocking the place in an electro punk mood in the most underground place ever ! What better to experiment new aspects of live performing in this experimental party ? Graphic designer J*wls (who designed the flyer) and I had joined our skills and creativity for an interactive result that made us understand all the possibilities it could offer us... frenchies have not said their last word, we'll start to think about other ways to perform together so keep an eye on my blog the next months coming...
f u t u r e  f u t u r e  livepaint

w i l d w h a l e s t y l e !

(check J*wls artwork on http://www.myspace.com/creativequest )