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One of the things i was hoping to do in Japan was to make an illustration for a jpop artist, because it's a huge part of the popular japanese culture, and also because i thought my weird-kawaii style could really match with a punky technoïde girlband. From metrosexual guys singing lomantiku lock to über sexy cyber-lolitas singing on maquina with cartoon voices, Jpop is pop with its japanese influence...so very various.
When Immi asked me to create her character with my style, imagine the visual and illustrate her whole 1st EP, i got really excited by this project, moreover because she's a great singer and i got inspired by the electrobass music she sings on.
Her EP will soon be available on itunes but you'll have to wait september to discover the work i made on her album, so stay tuned !! And till then have a look on the making off:

ありがとうございます to Immi, GrandFunk, Mugenkai crew, Cédric and Miwoo, real pleasure to work with you.